Scenario 3 Eco-liberal Transformation

Welcome to the Future: Eco-Liberal Transformation. Embark on a journey into Germany’s post-industrial economic model, where digital value creation meets sustainability in the AI-Patagonia scenario. Our society is undergoing a cultural shift, driven by companies as technological innovators and citizens demanding a balance between digitalization and ecological responsibility.

Key Features:

  1. Digitalization and Sustainability: A harmonious blend fostering economic growth while preserving our environment.
  2. Equal Opportunities: AI as an equalizer, promoting fairness and providing a post-growth economic model.
  3. Cultural Change: Enlightened citizens drive innovation, creating a resilient society with fewer rules.
  4. Technological Innovation: Embrace a world where AI reshapes work demands, enabling climate-focused solutions and societal equality.

Key Topics:

  1. Principle of Subsidiarity: Decisions made at the closest possible level to citizens, promoting local action.
  2. Personal Responsibility: Think globally, act locally – a platform for accessible voting participation.
  3. Global Solidarity: A strong sovereign economy on a global scale, driven by Germany and Europe.
  4. Digitalized World: Quantum computers, innovative transportation, and private investments fuel sustainable transformations.
  5. Fact-Checking Platform: Ensuring society stays grounded in reality with a Chat GPT-inspired social media platform.

Prerequisite: Companies embrace social responsibility, a cornerstone for progress.

Navigating Conflicts:

  1. Liberal vs. State Social Security: Balancing individual freedoms with societal support.
  2. Urban-Rural Divide: Bridging gaps and fostering unity in a diverse society.
  3. Disparities Perception: Addressing empathy gaps to build a fair and inclusive future.

Join us in shaping a future where technology, sustainability, and social responsibility converge for a thriving, resilient society.


Sobhana Penneru

Future Forge – Paths and Potentials by Sobhana Penneru

Materials : Dual-deck card system, each 25 Cards, Ink on cardboard, 14.7 x 21 cm

This dual-deck card system offers 25 carefully curated cards in each set. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our future-forecasting game. Whether you’re exploring potential career paths or entrepreneurial ventures. Dive into the realm of professional opportunities or business ventures, each categorized into four industry sectors. As you draw and unveil your destiny, the accompanying manual provides detailed insights and space for personal reflections, allowing you to navigate your professional journey with clarity and foresight.

Doors of the Futures by Mahshad Fallah

Matherials: 4 white boards stand with wheels, 3Glittery curtains ,4 Fabric color,1 whiteCharcoal spray ,printing stencil, 11 Matt colored print 100×70, 6 Matt colored print 100×100, 12 Matt colored print 60×40, big black curtains to cover windows


The site-specific installation “Doors of the Futures” unveils transformative concepts that have reshaped Germany’s landscape in 2045 based on an Eco-Liberal Transformation. Behind three entrance doors, each reveals an innovation in education, environmental sustainability, and food security. Examples under each concept offer glimpses into the personal and societal transformations brought about by these visionary technologies.

MindSphere is a sleek headset designed by NovaTech Solutions. This transformative brain-computer interface device seamlessly integrates with cloud-based knowledge databases.The augmented reality overlay turns everyday surroundings into vibrant classrooms, fostering continuous learning.

The EcoGuard Drone Network by EcoSolutions seems a triumph over pollution. This autonomous drone fleet is equipped with sophisticated sensors and AI algorithms. By patrolling predefined routes it can monitor environmental conditions in real-time.

HarvestSync by NourishTech highlights Germany’s triumph over hunger. This compact marvel empowers citizens to cultivate their own food in urban settings through advanced AI guidance, soil sensors, hydroponic technology, and climate control modules. Transforming small spaces into thriving micro-farms, HarvestSync ensures a continuous harvest throughout the year.

Mahshad Fallah

Laila Saud

Civilian Parliament by Laila Saud

Materials: 15 transparent acrylic tubes, 5 neon acrylic discs, 360 styrofoam balls

This installation features a simulated civil parliament designed to address the Eco-liberal transformation of 2045. Within this parliament, collaboration occurs between civil society and companies to make decisions on specific situations together. The installation includes five voting booths presenting five distinct questions on topics such as: skills, democracy, values, media and responsibility.

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